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Our Mission

The Flex Coalition provides educational support for policies that advance performance-based demand flexibility to enable markets for Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) as a grid resource, and is dedicated to educating policymakers and stakeholders on the benefits of VPPs as a tool for promoting grid reliability, greenhouse gas reduction, and energy equity.

Understanding Measured Energy Savings Rebate Programs: A Deep Dive for Contractors

Join us for this webinar sponsored by the Flex Coalition for an in-depth discussion of how measured energy savings programs – such as the HOMES rebate program in the Inflation Reduction Act – can help contractors provide up-front rebates for their customers. During this webinar we will discuss how home performance and HVAC contractors can benefit through business-to-business partnerships with aggregators and utility data access platforms, enabling them to install more projects, grow their business, and streamline rebate applications and processing. Speakers from Sealed and UtilityAPI will discuss how aggregators can simplify the rebate process and how data access platforms can streamline participation in the IRA HOMES rebate program. Please register here.

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